ShelterLogic 12-Feet Super Max Canopy Accessories Enclosure Kit 12 x 26-Feet


ShelterLogic 12-Feet Super Max Canopy Accessories Enclosure Kit. Fits all 12 x 26 ft. Ripstop tough woven polyethylene fabric constructed with same quality fabric material as used on our popular SuperMax Canopy covers. Heat sealed seams, not stitched, for a stronger bond and 100% Water resistance. Ultimate UV protection treated inside, outside and in between […]

Super Max Canopy Enclosure Kit- 18 X 40 Ft


SUPER MAX CANOPY ENCLOSURE KIT- 18 X 40 FT: Looking for versatility in your canopy? The Super Max Fire Rated canopy enclosure kit delivers more options to turn your canopy into a functional, low cost enclosed seasonal shelter in minutes. The easy to install enclosure kit includes two side walls, one fitted back panel and […]

Enclosure Kit Super Max Canopy 12 X 20 Ft


The ShelterLogic 12 x 20 ft. SuperMax Canopy Enclosure Kit delivers more options, and more versatility to your canopy. Quickly convert your 12 x 20 ft. Diameter fixed-leg canopy to an enclosed shelter in minutes. Attaches to the frame quickly and easily with bungee fasteners. Using the same quality fabric material as the original canopy, […]