8ft High 20×40 Tent Sidewall Kit Canopy Enclosure Waterproof 14 Oz Vinyl Sides


TentandTable > Standard Sidewalls. 8′ High 20×40′ Tent Sidewall Kit Canopy Enclosure Waterproof 14 Oz VInyl Sides. Type: Sidewall Kit Grade: Standard Height: 8. 8′ High vinyl sidewall kit for 20′ x 40′ canopy tent provides privacy and protection from weather elements, such as wind, air, rain, and sunlight. All panels are manufactured from 14 […]

High Peak Tent Solid Sidewall 8×20 16 Oz BlockOut Vinyl With Hook Loop And Clips


TentandTable > High Peak Sidewalls. 8×20′ High Peak Tent Sidewall Solid 16 Oz Block-Out Vinyl With Hook Loop & Clips. Model: High Peak Side Wall Material: Premium Blockout PVC Vinyl. Our 8′ x 20′ Premium Block-out Solid Sidewall is designed to attach with the frame tent top that does not have the sidewall hanging rope […]

7′ High Vinyl Sidewall Waterproof Panel For 20×20′ Tent Solid & Cathedral Window


7′ High Sidewall Kit For 20×20′ Tent 2 Solid 2 Window Waterproof Vinyl Panel Without Tent. 7′ High Sidewall Kit For 20’x20′ Tent Includes 4 vinyl sidewalls – two 7×20′ solid, and two 7×20′ window. The enclosure vinyl panels are uniquely designed with overlapping design for added privacy and protection. Translucent material allows for more […]