TAUPE 10X12 Replacement Roof Canopy for Gazebo


ATTENTIONIMPORTANTPLEASE READ ROOF CANOPIES DO NOT HAVE STANDARD SIZES, DESPITE IT BEING A 10X12. DEPENDING ON THE BRAND AND MODEL, THE BASE OF THE ROOF CAN BE LARGER, OR THE TOP HIGHER THAN ANOTHER. It is possible to treat the canopy with sprays to make it more water resistant (does not make it waterproof, but […]

NEW FREE SHIPPING SavAwn Retractable 6x2x2 Taupe Brown Window Door Awning Canopy


THE BEST DEAL YOU WILL FIND! SavAwn Deluxe Decorator Retractable Window & Door Awning. West Coast Taupe (gray brown). SavAwn awnings: Italian solution dyed canvas and aluminum non-rusting frame. Any questions, just ask! Stylish addition to your home enhancing curb appeal. Reduces energy costs up to 25% blocking sunlight and heat. Directs rain water away […]